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February 11, 2010

From my Best Friend.......Deborah...

I will put this in my blog:

This article is a special dedication to Ida, may your dreams, hopes and goals come true...

Today is Imelda's last day as my colleague. Once the clock strikes 5.35pm, I will have to introduce her to friends as my ex-colleague.
Colleagues...this word does not accurately describe us actually. This is because our relationship is far beyond that, we are FRIENDS, good friends.
When she was first arranged to be seated beside me in the office, many things were going into my head.
"Is she friendly? Is she nice? Do we have anything to talk about? Do we have anything in common? "
One thing for sure, these were what she was thinking also...
We practically talk about everything, and we love building castles in the air.
We have big dreams, or should I say, dreams which seems so impossible to achieve...but those dreams are what we share, our common dreams!
Although we used to chat and laugh (now we were seated separately) alot, but when we were busy with our own work, both of us can be very quiet .
So quiet that the whole day, we did not even chatted and only bidded each other good-byes when it was time to go home.

Now it is time for her to continue her life journey at a different path, persuing her goals, realising her dreams...
I do sincerely wish her all the best, and remember what I always say, when you are at crossroads, remember to "xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx".
Take care my dear friend, and also remember, one day if we happen to lose contact of each other, remember to appear at TV3!

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